Class/Weather Update:

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The beginning beekeeping class schedule for today is still on!

We know that the weather is keeping many of you at home (like me!) but the class will go on. If you miss today’s class, please try to attend Tuesday’s meeting. It will be held in the same location at 330 South 36th Street in Quincy at 7:00 p.m. We will still take orders for bees then and will figure out what to do to help out those who still need the information the class provides.

Tuesday, February 24th — basement of the Adams County Extension office and Farm Bureau. 7:00 p.m. Hope to see you then!

Safe driving, everyone, if you have to be out in the muck!

Beginning Beekeepers Class Reminder:

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Jak’s Bee Farm Products

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LeAnn'sSticksLeAnn Moyers of Jak’s Bee Farm now has her wonderful honey sticks inside of HyVee on Harrison in Quincy, IL. You can also find her products at Grown N’  Gathered, also in Quincy, IL as well as Gem Stop in Ursa & in Loraine, IL.


Just after a short Arts Quincy Interview!

January 2015 Minutes

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Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Minutes
January 27, 2015

Present: Guy Spoonmore (President), Michael Lumberg (Vice-President), Mia F, Paul W, Kay & Marcia D, Stan B, Patt G, Gerald N, Kelsie H Janic H, Brad B, Dave M, Time R, Bernie A, Ernie Z, Larry A, Erik A, Bruce M, Judy H, Brian S, Dwayne B, Bob E, Roger& Tonya N, Sean B, Dannie Y, Steve B, Matt B, Nelson Y, Andrew L, L Mayo, Russ A, Gerald M, Sharon H, Rebecca F, LeRoy R, David, R, Devan D, Sam & Krisly D,
Treasurer’s Report $1046.27 Total
Dues are due for 2015.

Annual Holiday Dinner
Our annual holiday dinner was held on Tuesday Dec 2nd. There was no meeting in November. Everyone brought a covered dish and/or dessert. Turkey, ham and some drinks were supplied. A silent auction was held and $112.00 was raised.
Annual Beginning Beekeeper Class
Our annual class will be held on February 21st, from 9:00 am -3:00 pm at the Illinois Cooperative Extension Building. Guy has flyers and he would appreciate everyone placing them at elevators, feed stores, High School Ag programs, etc.
Guy will arrive between 7 and 8 to set up. He will bring donuts and beverages. Anyone else that would like to help set up is welcome. He has name tags, door prizes and tags. Lunch on their own.
We will order packages for anyone who takes the class. Anyone from the club who wants packages needs to sign up during the break. The packages will be $112.00. Dadant’s also has packages for $110 plus tax. No information yet on time or place to pick up.
Bernie will present. Paul will do demonstrations
Le Roy will do a presentation of his first year in beekeeping.
Guy has already contacted catalogs, Brushy Mountain. He has sent information to the following papers: Illinois Payson, Mount Sterling, Herald Whig, Farm Bureau paper.Dale and Judy will take care of the sign-in table.
LeRoy did the first year of beekeeping he said he would do it again.
LeAnn will get to the Radio Stations and it is on Facebook and the website. LeAnn will contact Missouri papers.
Dues are now due. Dues are $16.00. It has been mentioned that a number of people that live in Missouri or Iowa would rather belong to their state associations. This club is a member of the Illinois AND Missouri associations. We do not have a fee to belong to Missouri as a club. We send $10.00 to Illinois per member to belong to the Illinois State Association. Dale sent an email to LeAnn and he said that members of our group are not required to belong. Guy moved to table the discussion until next month when Dale will be here. Paul Second the motion.
Illinois Queen Initiative
There will be a class (20 max) the last of April of first part of May Mr. Kilty. When Guy has the dates and fees he will let everyone know when it has been scheduled

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Building a Nuc

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Mike demonstrating a useful beekeeping winter-time project. What you can build with one small sheet of plywood!

MVBA Nuke directions (2)Nucleus or Nuc boxes are like mini hives. They are great to have on hand when you need to split a colony or if you are gathering swarms and need a quick temporary home for the bees. Typically these small boxes will hold 2-5 standard size frames.

Upcoming Class

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MVBA Constitution & By-Laws

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(August 1985)
This organization shall be known as the Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association (hereafter referred to as the Association). Its principal service area shall be Pike and Adams counties in Illinois. The principal mailing address of the Association is:
Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association
% Adams County Farm Bureau
336 S. 36th St.
Quincy, IL 62301-5807
Section 1. The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the general interest of bee culture and the production and use of honey and other apiary products. These are accomplished by the education and socialization of its membership and the education of and promotion to the public.
Section 2. The Association is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation which is non-partisan and non-sectarian. Any funds accumulated shall be used to further the objectives of the Association.
Section 1. Any person interested in apiculture may become a member of the Association upon payment of annual dues.
Section 2. Any spouse and/or minor child of member may become a member upon payment of respective annual dues. Members under sixteen (16) years of age shall have all privileges of membership except the right to vote, to make or second motions, or to serve as officers or directors.
Section 3. The Executive Board shall set rates for annual dues of:
(1) single membership
(2) spouse of member
(3) minor child of member
(4) family membership (to include member, spouse, and minor children)
These rates become effective when ratified by a majority of the voting members at the next regular meeting. These rates may also include the dues for the Illinois State Beekeepers Association. The cost of the State membership shall coincide with the State Association By-Laws regarding dues.
Section 4. Membership shall run from January 1 through December 31 on an annual basis. Dues become payable on January 1 of each year. A member three (3) months in arrears in payment ceases to be a member.
Section 5. The privileges of a member are:
to vote
to hold office if elected
to receive a membership card
to receive a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws
to receive reduced subscription rates to beekeeping publications as available
Section 6. Any person who has been a member of the Association for a period of twenty (20) years, whether continuous or accumulative, is eligible to become an honorary member. Such determination, which may include other considerations, shall be made by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board. Once officially designated, such a member will enjoy lifetime honorary membership in the Association with full privileges without further dues.
Section 1. The officers of the Association shall be:
Membership Secretary
Host or Hostess.
The same person may be elected to hold a combination of the offices of Secretary and Membership Secretary if circumstances so dictate. The term of office shall be for one (1) year or until a successor is elected and installed.
Section 2. Three (3) Directors shall be elected to serve for a three (3) year term or until their successors are elected and installed. The term of office of the Directors shall change with one (1) director elected each year. The immediate outgoing President shall automatically become an honorary Director, without voting power, to guide, assist and counsel the Executive Board for a period of one (1) year.
Section 3. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Historian, Host or Hostess and the three (3) Directors shall constitute the Executive Board.
Section 4. Vacancies in office by death, resignation or otherwise, shall be filled by appointment of the President and ratified by the Executive Board, and the appointee shall hold office until the next election.
Section 1. This constitution and its by-laws may be amended at any meeting by two-thirds (2/3) majority of all votes by members present, provided thirty (30) days notice has been given to each member of the Association. Such notice, when placed in the United States mail, shall be official.
Section 1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three (3) members prior to the August meeting. This committee shall be composed of members who are not interested in becoming officers or directors. The Secretary shall report the names of the Nominating Committee in the August newsletter, and the President shall announce these names at the August meeting.
Section 2. The Nominating Committee shall report to the membership at the October meeting, nominating one (1) candidate for each office. Additional names of candidates may be added to the slate from the floor at the time of the election. Candidates nominated from the floor must be present at the election. This meeting shall be held at the regular meeting place on the regular meeting date. If this is impossible, the election shall be held at a place as centrally located as possible. The Secretary’s announcement of this meeting shall specify that an election of officers shall take place at the October meeting and shall state the location of the meeting.
Section 3. When there are two or more nominations for an office, the election shall be by secret ballot. However, when there is only one (1) nominee for a particular office, a voice vote may be held. The winning candidate shall be the one to receive a majority of votes cast by the members present at the October meeting. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a second vote shall be cast on the two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes.
Section 4. The term of office shall be from January 1 through December 31. Newly elected officers and directors shall be installed at the annual meeting and banquet but shall assume official duties January 1 on the following fiscal year. Retiring officers and directors shall acquaint the incoming officers and directors with their duties and assist where possible to insure a smooth transition.
Section 1. President. It shall be the duties of the President
to preside and preserve order at all meetings of the Association
to provide a suitable and central location for regularly scheduled meetings of the Association
to schedule regular meetings of the Executive Board
to appoint committees including the nominating committee
to call for reports of officers, directors, and committees
to appoint as registered agent to file the yearly not-for-profit status with the Secretary of State of Illinois
to put to vote all motions regularly seconded
to appoint clerks and tellers to count the votes at all elections
to declare the results of all elections
to decide upon all questions of order guided by Robert’s “Rules of Order”
to see that the Constitution and By-Laws are adhered to
to lead the Association toward the fulfillment of its objectives
Section 2. Vice-President. The Vice-President shall preside at meetings when the President is not in attendance and shall also pursue those duties and responsibilities as the President shall direct. The Vice-President shall succeed to the Presidency for the remainder of the unexpired term in the event that office is vacated.
Section 3. Secretary. It shall be the duty of the Secretary
to record and report all proceedings of the Association
to conduct all correspondence of the Association and preserve all papers belonging to the same
to cause the Constitution and By-Laws to be printed in such quantities as directed by the Executive Board and provide such for the Membership Secretary
It shall also be the duty of the Secretary to
be custodian of all property of the Association
to rent or loan this property to any group or individual only with the consent of the Executive Board secured at a meeting of such
to present a detailed inventory of such property to the membership at the October meeting
The Secretary may delegate custodial care of certain pieces of equipment and items owned by the Association as seems appropriate. The Secretary shall be responsible for sending information regarding meetings to the National and State magazines and to the local newspapers.
Section 4. Membership Secretary. It shall be the duties of the Membership Secretary to
receive annual, local and state dues
to submit the dues received to the Treasurer
to record the name and address of each member in the membership book
to submit a membership mailing list to the Secretary
to issue a membership card and a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws to each new member upon receipt of dues
to notify the Secretary of any member three (3) months in arrears of payment of dues
The Membership Secretary shall also be responsible for processing membership subscriptions to beekeeping publications.
Section 5. Treasurer. It shall be the duties of the Treasurer to
deposit all monies connected with the Association in a bank approved by the Executive Board
to record all monies received and disbursed
to pay by check, as soon as possible, all bills owed and approved by the Association
to report all monies received and disbursed at each regular meeting
to submit in writing an annual, financial summary for the previous year at the January meeting
Section 6. Historian. It shall be the duties of the Historian to
compile, maintain and preserve in suitable book form, all historia pertaining to the Association
to display said book at the April meeting and the Annual Banquet for viewing by members and guests
Section 7. Host or Hostess. It shall be the duties of the Host or Hostess to
appoint assistants
organize the “potluck” refreshments at the meetings
prepare the decorations and menu for the annual banquet
be accountable for all Association properties used in conjunction with the duties as Host or Hostess
Section 8. Directors. It shall be the duties of the Directors to
audit the books of the Treasurer
to audit the detailed inventory of property as prepared by the Secretary
to serve as advisors on the Executive Board
to serve in any capacity as appointed by the President
Section 9. Executive Board. It shall be the duties of the Executive Board to
attend meetings regularly called by the President
to jointly plan the up-coming regular monthly meetings of the Association
to decide by majority vote any differences arising at the Executive Board meetings
The President shall have no voting power except to decide a tie vote. A quorum of five (5) Executive Board members shall be required to conduct official business. The Executive Board shall meet at least four (4) times during the fiscal year; one (1) meeting to be held in January and one (1) meeting to be held in December (if deemed necessary); the remaining two (2) to be held at the discretion of the President.
The Annual Meeting and Banquet of the Association shall be held in November and shall include the installation of officers and one director.
The fiscal year shall start January 1 and end December 31.
Section 1. The meetings of the Association shall be, as far as practicable, governed by the following order of business:
Call to order
Reading of minutes of last meeting
Treasurer’s financial report
Secretary’s report on correspondence
Report of Committees
Introduction of new members and guests
Unfinished business
New business
Election of Officers and one Director (Oct. meeting)
The above order of business may be changed for any meeting by the direction of the President.
Section 2. The monthly meetings of the Association shall be, as far as practicable, governed in the following manner:
January: Indoor meeting
Treasurer’s annual report
February: Indoor meeting
March: Indoor meeting
April: Indoor meeting
Historian’s Display
May: Indoor meeting
June: Outdoor meeting
July: Outdoor meeting
August: Indoor meeting
Nominating Committee Announced
September: Outdoor meeting
October: Indoor meeting
Secretary’s report of property and inventory
Election of officers
November: Annual Banquet
Installation of Officers
Historian’s Display
December: No meeting
The above order and content of monthly meetings may be changed at the direction of the Executive Board.



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To show our appreciation to O’Donnell’s Termite and Pest Control Inc., for taking advantage of the Mississippi Valley Beekeeping Association’s swarm call list this past swarm season, Friends Hill Apiary wanted to share with them a jar of honey. It means the world to us that they will go above and beyond to help save our honey bees and pollinators!

Thank you Mr. O’Donnell

Tim with Mr. Dan O'Donnell

Tim with Mr. Dan O’Donnell