Guest: Bob Bramer

From LeAnn’s desk… We are all set for our presentation for Tuesday, 4/28/15. Bob Bramer is the Central Director for the MO Beekeepers Association and has been a beekeeper since 1976. He’s a bit of a Swarm and Cut Out expert! He’s conducted over 250 collections of bees. He has a powerpoint presentation for Swarm […]

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MVBA T-Shirts

Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association has T-Shirts for sale if anyone would like one. The cost is $15.00 per shirt. You may contact us if you would like one of your own or several, to give as gifts. Guy will bring those that are currently available to the April 28th meeting, or you may place an […]

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Treatment Options for Mites

Since the recent release of the EPA Pesticide Program Update and the fact that we are constantly listening to the concerns of our fellow beekeepers about the use of synthetic chemicals verses “soft” chemicals… aka “organic” treatments. We wanted to compile a few links with information in regards to this often-times, controversial subject. There are […]

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Minutes 3/30/15

Prior to the start of the meeting, LeAnn held an informal meeting on topics for new beekeepers. These informal meeting will start at 6:30 and go until the meeting starts at 7:30. President Guy Spoonmore called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM in the basement of the Illinois Farm Bureau office in Quincy, IL. […]

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March Meeting Time

Hello everyone- Just a reminder that our beekeeping meeting for March is Tuesday, March 31st at 7:30 pm at the extension office, 330 South 36th street in Quincy. Since we are now on daylight savings time, the meetings change to 7:30 pm until we set our clocks back in the fall. At this meeting we […]

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Feb. Minutes

February 24, 2015 The February meeting of the Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association was called to order by Guy Spoonmore at 7:05PM at the Farm Bureau office basement in Quincy. There were 57 members and guests present. Judy Hill (in Dale Hill’s absence) reported $2039.27 as current Treasurer’s balance. Guy reported that this was the last […]

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Excited to Get Your Package?

Most new Beekeepers get pretty excited when they are setting up their first apiary! You’ve attended classes, read books, searched the internet and talked with as many beekeepers as you can find. The day gets close for your first package to arrive and you can’t wait to suit up in that fancy new blinding-white suit […]

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Recently on a very long road trip we stopped in Arizona to look at a state park with petroglyphs carved into the mountain rocks. No, there were no honey bee carvings that I could tell, but this little article has some pretty cool petroglyphs from ancient times! Click the picture to read the article.

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Class/Weather Update:

The beginning beekeeping class schedule for today is still on! We know that the weather is keeping many of you at home (like me!) but the class will go on. If you miss today’s class, please try to attend Tuesday’s meeting. It will be held in the same location at 330 South 36th Street in […]

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