Feb. Minutes

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February 24, 2015

The February meeting of the Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association was called to order by Guy Spoonmore at 7:05PM at the Farm Bureau office basement in Quincy. There were 57 members and guests present.

Judy Hill (in Dale Hill’s absence) reported $2039.27 as current Treasurer’s balance.

Guy reported that this was the last opportunity to order package bees, with a cost this year of $112.00 per package. He indicated that the packages should arrive sometime in mid-April, depending on the weather in California, where the packages are coming from. Notice of packages arrival would be given as soon as possible, but the gentleman making the delivery doesn’t have a phone, may be short notice.

On March 21, 2015, the Tri State Local Food Network will have a booth at Quincy Mall to promote local products. Dale and Judy Hill will be there representing MVBA, where Dale will give a presentation. Honey and products will be available. Continue Reading…


Most new Beekeepers get pretty excited when they are setting up their first apiary! You’ve attended classes, read books, searched the internet and talked with as many beekeepers as you can find. The day gets close for your first package to arrive and you can’t wait to suit up in that fancy new blinding-white suit and get those bees into their new home!

It’s been a long cold winter and just the sound of all those bees inside that little box will be enough to get your blood pumping. Before you know it, things will begin blooming and you will be well on your way into this new venture.

Your decision to become a beekeeper was a good one! You are going to find such fascination with every aspect of beekeeping that you may even ask yourself, why you didn’t start sooner. We’ve heard it said, from the amateur to the long-standing pros, that you’ll learn something new every year and that every colony is different. That is so true! You can also ask ten different beekeepers one question and all ten will give you a different answer. Keep asking anyway! It doesn’t take long until you’ll become familiar with various aspects of how it all works.

We all have our reasons for beekeeping and whatever yours; we wish you lots of success and lots of happy bees!

Here is a helpful link to a PDF from the American Beekeeping Federation; Beginning with Package Bees




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Recently on a very long road trip we stopped in Arizona to look at a state park with petroglyphs carved into the mountain rocks. No, there were no honey bee carvings that I could tell, but this little article has some pretty cool petroglyphs from ancient times! Click the picture to read the article.


Class/Weather Update:

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The beginning beekeeping class schedule for today is still on!

We know that the weather is keeping many of you at home (like me!) but the class will go on. If you miss today’s class, please try to attend Tuesday’s meeting. It will be held in the same location at 330 South 36th Street in Quincy at 7:00 p.m. We will still take orders for bees then and will figure out what to do to help out those who still need the information the class provides.

Tuesday, February 24th — basement of the Adams County Extension office and Farm Bureau. 7:00 p.m. Hope to see you then!

Safe driving, everyone, if you have to be out in the muck!

Beginning Beekeepers Class Reminder:

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Jak’s Bee Farm Products

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LeAnn'sSticksLeAnn Moyers of Jak’s Bee Farm now has her wonderful honey sticks inside of HyVee on Harrison in Quincy, IL. You can also find her products at Grown N’  Gathered, also in Quincy, IL as well as Gem Stop in Ursa & in Loraine, IL.


Just after a short Arts Quincy Interview!

January 2015 Minutes

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Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Minutes
January 27, 2015

Present: Guy Spoonmore (President), Michael Lumberg (Vice-President), Mia F, Paul W, Kay & Marcia D, Stan B, Patt G, Gerald N, Kelsie H Janic H, Brad B, Dave M, Time R, Bernie A, Ernie Z, Larry A, Erik A, Bruce M, Judy H, Brian S, Dwayne B, Bob E, Roger& Tonya N, Sean B, Dannie Y, Steve B, Matt B, Nelson Y, Andrew L, L Mayo, Russ A, Gerald M, Sharon H, Rebecca F, LeRoy R, David, R, Devan D, Sam & Krisly D,
Treasurer’s Report $1046.27 Total
Dues are due for 2015.

Annual Holiday Dinner
Our annual holiday dinner was held on Tuesday Dec 2nd. There was no meeting in November. Everyone brought a covered dish and/or dessert. Turkey, ham and some drinks were supplied. A silent auction was held and $112.00 was raised.
Annual Beginning Beekeeper Class
Our annual class will be held on February 21st, from 9:00 am -3:00 pm at the Illinois Cooperative Extension Building. Guy has flyers and he would appreciate everyone placing them at elevators, feed stores, High School Ag programs, etc.
Guy will arrive between 7 and 8 to set up. He will bring donuts and beverages. Anyone else that would like to help set up is welcome. He has name tags, door prizes and tags. Lunch on their own.
We will order packages for anyone who takes the class. Anyone from the club who wants packages needs to sign up during the break. The packages will be $112.00. Dadant’s also has packages for $110 plus tax. No information yet on time or place to pick up.
Bernie will present. Paul will do demonstrations
Le Roy will do a presentation of his first year in beekeeping.
Guy has already contacted catalogs, Brushy Mountain. He has sent information to the following papers: Illinois Payson, Mount Sterling, Herald Whig, Farm Bureau paper.Dale and Judy will take care of the sign-in table.
LeRoy did the first year of beekeeping he said he would do it again.
LeAnn will get to the Radio Stations and it is on Facebook and the website. LeAnn will contact Missouri papers.
Dues are now due. Dues are $16.00. It has been mentioned that a number of people that live in Missouri or Iowa would rather belong to their state associations. This club is a member of the Illinois AND Missouri associations. We do not have a fee to belong to Missouri as a club. We send $10.00 to Illinois per member to belong to the Illinois State Association. Dale sent an email to LeAnn and he said that members of our group are not required to belong. Guy moved to table the discussion until next month when Dale will be here. Paul Second the motion.
Illinois Queen Initiative
There will be a class (20 max) the last of April of first part of May Mr. Kilty. When Guy has the dates and fees he will let everyone know when it has been scheduled

Continue Reading…

Building a Nuc

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Mike demonstrating a useful beekeeping winter-time project. What you can build with one small sheet of plywood!

MVBA Nuke directions (2)Nucleus or Nuc boxes are like mini hives. They are great to have on hand when you need to split a colony or if you are gathering swarms and need a quick temporary home for the bees. Typically these small boxes will hold 2-5 standard size frames.

Upcoming Class

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