Youth Sponsorship

For several years now, the MVBA has chosen to sponsor a child and their family for their first year in beekeeping. This includes a youth and an adult suit, a starter hive, and a package of bees along with various tools needed to help them in their first year. This youth program also offers mentor guidance to help with hive inspections and other hands-on experience when needed. 

The responsibility of the sponsored youth is to report to the association at the monthly meetings with progress, updates or news and to stay active in their learning adventure through the valuable lessons from those meetings.

If after one year the sponsored youth continues to actively participate with MVBA, they shall keep the hive and the equipment provided by the association. If for some reason the child or family is unable to care for the bees within the first year and no longer holds the interest in beekeeping we ask that the equipment and tools be returned to the Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association for another youth to have the opportunity to learn about beekeeping.

Several MVBA members have kids and/or grand-kids who are involved with some aspect or another to the family apiary. Beekeeping offers a wealth of valuable educational experiences for all ages and can become quite the family's quality-time activity. It is our pleasure to share with those who are fortunate enough to get the opportunity. Kids learn about nature, science, agriculture, mathematics, responsibility and so much more while studying the adventures of beekeeping.

Our sponsorship program is a great opportunity for your child. If you have any questions or would like to have your child on the waiting list, please contact us!