Swarm Stories


Did a giant blob of bees just land in your yard? Maybe they're hanging on a branch in a tree or bush, looking like something out of a horror movie and you don't know what to do. This is known as a "swarm" of bees. Good, strong hives will reproduce in the spring by splitting. One portion of the bees will stay in the old location and raise a new queen. The other portion will take the old queen and fly off to find a new home-this is the bunch you will suddenly see clustered in your yard one nice spring day. They will probably only stay for a matter of hours, maybe a full day, and then fly off to their new, permanent home.

If you happen to see bees swarming on your property, please call a beekeeper right away and they will likely remove them immediately and for free if it's not in a difficult location. It will keep the bees from moving on to find that permanent home in your house or your neighbor's.

Or have you noticed a bee superhighway running directly into your house? All they need is a nice little hole as an entrance & exit and they'll make themselves a nice little home inside your walls, soffits, or attic.

This is an example of a rather inconvenient (for humans) permanent home. To remove these bees, beekeepers will do what is known as a "cut out". It usually involves some deconstructing of your home to get at the bees in order to fully remove them and their comb. The beekeeper may charge a fee for doing a cut out, as it is a much more involved process. It's a big, sticky mess and it can make for some cranky bees in the process. 

In either of these scenarios, please do not spray them with insecticide in an attempt to kill them or "knock them back". Few beekeepers will want to remove bees that have been sprayed.


Swarm Call List


Illinois Swarm Removers

Austin Anderson--Detroit/Pittsfield IL 217-491-2271 

Russ Adkins-- Hull, IL 217-617-5290

Dale Hill-- Liberty/Quincy, IL 217-885-3147

Larry Anderson-- Nebo, IL 217-734-1759 or 217-491-1109 

Stan Brinkman --Payson, IL 217-316-6455 

Tim & Tina McClelland--Payson/Quincy, IL 217-257-2704 & 217-257-5061 

Evan Davidson-- Payson/ Carthage, IL  217-257-8101  

Joe &  Yvonne Lynch-- Pittsfield, IL/Hannibal, MO 217-491-0625 

Bruce Moechnig-- Quincy, IL 217-430-8595 

Glenn Bemis-- Quincy, IL 217-223-7037

 Bill Henehan-- Quincy, IL 217-653-5553

LeRoy Rossmiller-- Quincy, IL 217-223-5294

Guy Spoonmore-- Quincy, IL 217-653-9804 

Tim Rosenboom-- Sutter, IL 217-440-1268 

Paul Woodworth-- Ursa, IL 217-219-0272 

Sam Deardorff-- Versailles, IL 217-225-3454

Jim Reese-- Versailles, IL 217-225-3240 

Joel Dickhut--Camp Point, IL 217-653-9953

Korhan Raif--Barry, IL & Pike Co. Area 217-473-9374

Brian Schenck--Quincy, IL 217-430-4745

Victoria Taylor--Quincy, IL 217-440-8687

Tom Williamson--Quincy, IL 217-740-4573

Missouri Swarm Removers

Debi Love-- Durham, MO 573-822-3081

Deborah Franke-- Ewing, MO 573-439-5890

Cara Bowman-- Hannibal, MO 573-822-9442

Blake Bratten-- Lewis & Marion Co. MO 573-228-2448

Ted Schuetz-- Hannibal, MO 573-629-7215 

Ray Nelson-- Maywood, MO 573-795-4431

Bruce Ryan-- Monroe City, MO 573-822-5282  

Gerald Miner-- Perry, MO 573-565-2090

Richard Edwards-- Rutlege, MO 660-342-0112 

Kyle Woods-- Memphis, MO 928-379-2386 

Wayne Gottman--Emerson, MO 573-355-1039

Tom Stark--Maywood, MO 573-248-7380

Iowa Swarm Removers

Bob Egley-- Keokuk, IA 319-524-9507