April, 2017 Minutes

Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association
April 2017 Minutes
Prior to the business meeting, Vice-President LeAnn asked for attendees to report on new package
progress, hive reports and swarming experiences. Around the room reports of hives doing well, several
swarms in the area, some trapping successes and queen cells in hives.
LeAnn called to order the MVBA Business Meeting at 7:00 pm. President Dale was in attendance but a
bit under the weather.
Treasurer Debi reported that $1851.39 is the remaining balance after dues and expenses.
A motion was made and carried to pay for the package of bees for this year’s sponsored family.
Feeding: Some need to continue feeding 1:1 sugar syrup.
Adding to the discussion of of feed were variations in ways to dissolve the sugar, adding white
vinegar, essential oils and Honey Bee Healthy are just a few of the preferences local beekeepers are
including in their personal beekeeping feed-habits.
MVBA will host the ISBA Summer Meeting on June 10th, 2017 and MVBA Members are encouraged
to help with registration and be present to represent MVBA.
LeAnn requested input for ordering T-shirts for the club. After much discussion on optional shirt colors
and design variations as well as price quotes, it was agreed that most members want to order a “dark”
colored shirt with a few still wanting a “light” colored shirt. Tim volunteered his graphic design
expertise to work with the design on file at Christine’s to accommodate contrasts for both lights and
darks accordingly. An order sheet was passed around for members interested in purchasing shirts.
Mike shared his appreciation for the FS office calling him before spraying nearby fields. He advised for
anyone not already on the Drift Watch list, to take the time to do so for the sake of your bees.
You can go to https://driftwatch.org/ for information on registering for your area.
Bernie announced there was very large collection of varietal honey from all over the country for
members to sample lined up on a table. Members all agreed the noticeable differences in the tastes.
Dale showed a short film on Varroa Mites from Honey Bee Health Coalition. Their website has a great
deal of relevant information for beekeepers as well as a 27 page downloadable guide, Tools for Varroa
Management. The following is a link: http://honeybeehealthcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/
Varroa will also be a topic at the ISBA Summer Meeting.
Mike closed out the meeting with a demonstration with one type of bee vac for using with ease in
gathering swarms. Experiences in different styles of vac systems used, was also discussed.
Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully Submitted,
Tina McClelland, Secretary

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