March, 2017 Minutes

The Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association met March 28, 2017. President Dale Hill opened the
meeting at 7:00 and welcomed all visitors and guests. Secretary Tina McClelland was not present tonight.
Dale asked if everybody is getting minutes by email, and those that are not getting minutes by email were
asked to check their email address with Debi. Dale asked for volunteer to take minutes in Tina’s absence
and Suzi Dunnaway volunteered.
The treasurer’s report was given by Debi Love. Balance carried forward from the January meeting was
$1852.64. Deposit of $198.00 was made for the dues paid at the January meeting. A check mailed to
Illinois State Beekeepers Association in the amount of $250.00 for all the dues paid from December until
January 31, 2017. The proceeds from the Beginning Beekeeper Class were $490.00. Checks written for
the class were $45.65 to Dale Hill for refreshments, $303.60 to Dadant for books, and $120.00 to Illinois
State Beekeepers Association for new member fees. Resulting in a balance of $1821.39 Motion was made
and carried to accept the treasurer’s report. Dale reminded those that haven’t paid dues to please see
President Dale Hill asked those who got new bee packages how their bees are doing. There was
discussion that the weather was pretty cool. Dale reminded all to honor your commitment as 1 person
cancelled 5 packages, but fortunately enough folks took the extra packages. Dale encouraged to feed 1:1
sucrose/water, as much as they will consume for 3-4 weeks or until good wax foundation in place and good
brood pattern. Discussed adding Honey Bee Healthy and vinegar options.
Dadant bees scheduled for April 11.
The ISBA summer meeting will be held June 10 at the Quality Inn and Suites Conference Center in Quincy.
Dale has some speakers lined up: Steve Chard and Dept of Ag, Robert Self with Honey Bee Health
Coalition on Varroa mite treatments, Dr Larry Connor on reading frames and splits/queens, Joe Graham,
Scott Martin on mites, drones, and queens. Pre Registration cost is $70 per person with lunch (ISBA/IQI
members), $60 per person no lunch option (ISBA/IQI members; $70 per person (ISBA/IQI) on-site
registration (NO LUNCH);
Non ISBA/IQI members is $10 more per person pre-registration and on-site registration.
We are host club, so need help handling registrations and all the other things that go into these meeting.
Dale discussed the Veterinary Feed Directive – you now need a Rx from a veterinarian to get Terramycin to
treat European Foulbrood. Dr Jodi Markel cell/text 217-779-3030
Dale stated that European Foulbrood is more common along the west side of the state near the river. Dale
suggested not using used equipment – or use the following – flame (torch) sterilization, ozone sterilization,
irradiation, lye treatments for hives and frames. Recommend new foundation or if using old frames, know
where they came from – no diseased foundation/wax.
Dale and others that have attended the Missouri Master Beekeeper Course suggested to not take the
course without 4-5 years of experience beekeeping.
Dale gave out some good plant websites. . – Missouri Botanical Gardens
Dale suggested that all beekeepers sign up with the driftwatch program at this website:
A downloadable booklet on bee diseases:
A good website to find bee hive plans: Randy Oliver
Dale said that he paid the Farm Bureau rent but has to find the receipt to be reimbursed. Bernie passed out
some Missouri pollinator fliers. Dale asked if anyone had information on the add in the Monroe City paper.
Mike Lundberg gave information and ideas he has been using with diatomaceous earth for treatment of
small hive beetle, and beetle traps.The website is his source. He also demonstrated
how he made and uses a PVC hive frame stand.
After a short break, Dale gave an excellent power point on Honey Bee Anatomy.
Meeting adjourned. Thanks to Suzi Dunnaway for taking notes and submitting them to Debi Love who
typed and submitted to Tina McClelland.

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