February, 2017 Minutes

Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association

Minutes of February 28th, 2017

Called to order at 7:00 pm by President Dale Hill.

First and foremost was the mention of a Tornado Watch in the area. Dale let everyone know where exits were and windows to stay away from in the event of an actual tornado. Mike was designated to inform of any local weather updates.

With a very full house, Dale asked for introductions around the room. Notice was taken of new members coming from further distances and even more varied locations. Great to see!

Treasurer Debi, was unavailable. Minutes from last month was approved.

Dues need to be paid if any members have not.

The Beginning Beekeepers Class had 20 people attend. Guy was the primary instructor. Dale, Paul, Russ, Leroy & Tina also had sessions where they gave presentations or discussion of various beekeeping topics. This was the first year that a Power Point Slide Presentation was used and having the visuals along with demonstrations and handouts was well received. Evaluations from students were all positive reviews.

Dale spoke with Albert Hilty about ordering packages of bees and they are expected to arrive in 2-3 weeks. Order sheet was again passed around for anyone still wanting to place their order. The bees will be delivered to the back parking lot of the Quality Inn Hotel, behind Fiddlesticks in Hannibal, MO and when Dale gets the call when they are on the way, he will call everyone who ordered.

If you did not want to order through the club, you can still order through Dadant.

The Illinois State Beekeepers Annual Meeting is being hosted by this club! Dale has already put down a significant deposit for the Quality Inn and Suites Conference Center at 201 South 3rd Street, Quincy, IL and is scheduled for Sat. June 10th, 2017. Some of the speakers lined up; Steve Chard (Dept. of Ag.), Robert Self (Honey Bee Coalition) on Varroa Mite Treatnments, Dr. Larry Conner on reading frames, splits & queens, Joe Graham as well as others yet to be lined up.

The overall cost has not yet been determined so registration cost have not been decided. However, pre-registration will have an option to include lunch. A walk-in registration at a higher cost will be available, but will not include the lunch option.

Thanks to LeAnn & WTAD for arranging hotel availability for speakers.

Dale reminded us that we are this year’s host club for this very popular annual State Beekeepers event, so help is needed for registrations, general assistance, such as directing attendents, perhaps setting things up or tearing down, etc. PLEASE help represent Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association in whatever way you are able.

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD): Beekeepers will need a Prescription from a veterinarian in order to get Terramycin, (The only antibiotic approved to treat European Foulbrood in the state of Illinois).

Dale has talked with Dr. Jodi Markel about this and her contact information is drjodidvm@gmail.com or cell/text 217-779-3030.

Dale addressed the dangers or risks of buying used equipment, stating that the Dept. of Ag Apiary Inspecters have found increased incidences of EFB in the past few years. Torching the insides of boxes, sterilization, irradiation, lye treatments and replacing foundation in hopes to minimize those risks.

Interest is being shown for more information on where to find plants and for improving habitat for honey bees. The following are websites with some of this information.




As time allows, Dale and Tina will strive to combine pertinent information they have accumulated and work on getting more food source information as well as pictures of some of the native plants, gardening for the beekeepers and other habitat info that would be beneficial to beekeepers on our website, http://mvbees.com

Other helpful resources:

A communication tool for Beekeepers and pesticide applicators which includes a mapping program.


A Downloadable Field Guide to Honey Bees and their Maladies:


An online community for beekeepers:


Randy Oliver:


Questions about what should be done if someone does call about pesticide spraying in the area of ones hives; Keeping the bees inside for 6-8 hours may be helpful. Mike mentioned putting steel wool in the entrance because it still allows air, but the bees won’t pass through it. Some suggest just grass so it takes the bees a while to pass through. Others cover with netting or other materials.

Guy gave a thorough demonstration on how to install packaged bees for new beekeepers. Including, but not limited to: Having your syrup mixed and your feeder ready. Setting five frames to the side. Lightly spraying the bees with sugar water. Tapping the package to knock the bees down. Removing the syrup can and the queen cage. Attaching the queen cage to the frames. Putting a handfull of bees over the queen cage. Setting the package down inside the box. (Or shaking the bees into an empty deep above) Putting the inner cover on and the outer cover. Setting the feed jar in place. Keeping feed on at all times. In a day or two, checking and letting the Queen out if she hasn’t been released. Taking the hopefully empty package box out and setting it in front of the hive if there are any bees left. Excitement from some of the newer members was obvious!

Some upcoming events:

Missouri State Beekeepers Assoc. Spring Learning Session- A Day with Dr. jay Evans will be at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Columbia, Mo. Sat. March 4th, 2017.

N.E MO. Beekeepers – Pollinator Day is Sat. March 11, 2017 8-4 at the Macon High School Cafeteria.

Illinois Native Plant Society is April 29th, 2017 from 9-2 at the Il State Fairgrounds in the Commodities Pavilian.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm

Next Meeting will be March 28th, 2017. Open Discussion starts at 6:30 pm and business meeting at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina McClelland, MVBA Secretary

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